For current Lions Head residents the following information and forms can be helpful:

Service Requests.  Residents have the opportunity to submit a service request  through the KMC website.   To make a service request, call Kirkpatrick Management, request Customer Service and present your maintenance needs.   After hour service is available for emergent situations only, such as utility failure or overflowing water in toilets or sinks.   For these type of emergencies, please call (317) 570-4358 and follow the prompts for after hour service.  

Reserving the Clubhouse.  Lions Head residents may reserve the clubhouse for an event.  The process is quite simple.  Please visit the Lions Head Clubhouse Calendar to determine whether the date is available.  If so, fill-in the form and submit it for approval.  You must also complete the Lions Head Clubhouse Rental Agreement and submit payment.   Information regarding cost, times, set-up and more are included in the Agreement. 

Approval for Interior or Exterior Improvements.  All interior and exterior improvements or alterations you wish to make must first be approved by the Board of Directors.  Please submit a Request for Change Form to Kirkpatrick Management Company (  Once approved, you must share the Contractor Rules and Regulations with any contractor who performs work on your property.  Contractors are required to file a copy of their Certificate of Insurance with Kirkpatrick Management Company.  Note:  If this is not done, work in progress will be stopped until such time as insurance coverage is provided. 

Association Dues.   Monthly HOA dues are due to KMC by the 10th of each month.  If dues are late, homeowners’ are charged a $35.00 late fee that is enforceable by law.  You may also make payments through ACH withdrawals through Kirkpatrick Management.  If you are interested in doing so, click the following link:  payments.