For Realtors

Lions Head Condominium Association is managed by Kirkpatrick Management Company.  As a Realtor you can access the governing documents, which include the Covenants, Restrictions, By-Laws and Rules & Regulations.   For prospective buyers who intend to remodel, architectural plans for any change to the unit must be submitted for approval to Kirkpatrick Management Company before work begins.  This process insures contractors provide proof of adequate insurance and have access to rules they must adhere to for the privacy and protection of the residents and community.

FAQ’s for Realtors and Prospective Buyers

Contact information for Kirkpatrick Management:

Dan Quigley, Association Property Manager

Kirkpatrick Management Company, Inc

5702 Kirkpatrick Way, Indianapolis, IN 46220

DL: (317)558 – 5340   TF: (800) 899-6652