Welcome to the Lions Head community!  The following is a list of Frequently Asked QuestionsMove-In Checklist and Contact Information that will hopefully expedite the process of becoming a new resident in Lions Head.

Should you have any questions that are not addressed herein, please email the Property Manager, Mary Lou Carey, Kirkpatrick Management Company. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Lions Head property is managed by Mary Lou Carey, Kirkpatrick Management Company (KMC).  The management company handles all management of the property, which includes maintenance requests, collection of fees and Rental Agreements for clubhouse rental requests, architectural modifications and unit owner concerns.  Maintenance requests should be directed to KMC Customer Service (317) 570-4358 or submitted online through the KMC web site.    KMC also provides 24-hour emergency service.  Be advised that if the emergency service is related to your unit and not to common area plumbing, electrical, etc., you may be billed for the repair or you may not receive emergency service.  Once you call for emergency service, you will receive a call from a KMC property manager who will determine whether the emergent nature of the request requires immediate attention.

Kirkpatrick Management Company, Inc.
5702 Kirkpatrick Way, Indianapolis, IN 46220
DL: (317)570-4358   TF: (800) 899-6652

How do I access the front gate, clubhouse and pool area?

Answer:  Before you move-in, you need to contact KMC to be assigned two codes:  a 4-digit code and  a 3-digit code.  Do not rely on the code of the prior owner as it will be deleted following sale of the unit. From KMC you may also purchase a key fob for remote access to the front gate if you did not receive one at closing from the prior owner.  To access the clubhouse, enter your 4-digit code followed by the star key (9999*); for the pool enter the 4-digit code (9999); and for the front gate, enter the pound (#) sign and then the 4-digit code (#9999).  You should also receive a 3-digit code for the front gate which you can give to visitors or delivery personnel.  When such person arrives,  they enter the 3-digit code on the key pad at the front gate and you will receive a call on your cell phone or landline.  When your phone rings, verify it is the person you are expecting, and simply press 9 on your key pad and the gate will open.

Satellite Installations

If you are using Direct TV, you may only install the dish on your patio, and in some instances, depending on the location the patio is facing, the dish may not be effective.  It cannot be installed in the common area or on the building.  

Does Lions Head have onsite maintenance staff?

Answer:  Yes.  Kevan Carriger is an employee of KMC assigned to Lions Head Monday thru Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  While he is considered on-site maintenance, requests for maintenance or service must be delivered to him through KMC. All maintenance and service requests by unit owners are sent to  KMC and not through Kevan. 

Does Lions Head have an Owner’s Portal on its web site for residents to access information?

Answer:  Yes.  Instructions for accessing the Owner’s Portal are on the Move-In Checklist.  The Owner’s Portal provides Board Meeting Minutes, Contracts, Financials, Forms, By-Laws, Covenants and Restrictions and many other documents that pertain to the Lions Head and its management.

I want to make modifications to my unit before moving in.  Is there anything I must do?

Answer:  Yes, you must complete an Request for Change Form and send it to Dan Quigley at Kirkpatrick Management Company (KMC).  The property manager must be aware and advised of any construction occurring on the property.  There are rules and regulations for contractors to preserve and protect the property and the residents.  No changes or modifications can be started without approval.  Please also provide your contractor with a copy of the Contractor Rules & Regulations.

I would like to have a storage container (Pod, etc.) delivered to hold some of my furniture until repairs are made.  What is the procedure?

Answer:  POD storage must be approved by KMC due to possible ingress and egress issues in parking areas.  Note:  there may be time restrictions for this type of storage.

Does every unit have available onsite storage?

Common area buildings house 4 storage closets on the first floor with one assigned to each unit.  For bungalow owners, attic storage is available.  

The fence and/or garden area around my patio is in disrepair.  Who do I call?

Answer:  The fence and/or garden area around your patio is there because a prior unit owner asked that the property be modified to add the railing, garden or enclosure for the patio.  When modifications to the Common Area occur, that area becomes Limited Common Area, which is defined by the Lions Head Declaration, as property that exists for the exclusive use and enjoyment of a single unit owner.   As such, you are responsible for maintaining those areas.  If fences become unsightly or require repair, you may be contacted by KMC to either make the repairs or remove the modifications if the areas are not maintained.

I would like to replace my storm door / front door or paint my front door.   What is the process?

Answer:  In order to do this, you must first submit an Request for Change Form with specifications for the door and/or color and send it to KMC for approval.  No changes or modifications can be started without approval.

My Purchase Agreement required certain modifications / repairs to my unit that are not completed.  What should be done?

Answer:  You should immediately submit a service request to KMC if the Lions Head Condominium Association agreed to make the repairs.  Your realtor will have the answer for you.  If it is a Lions Head repair you can either call the Property Manager or submit the request online.

When is trash picked-up?

Answer:  Trash pick-up is Tuesday and Friday.  Recyclables must be in clear plastic bags or clearly marked “Recyclables.”  All trash bags must be curbside by 8:30 a.m.  Do not place trash out the night before.

Who can utilize the dumpsters?

Answer:  All residents may use the dumpsters.  However, the dumpsters are for household trash only.  Furnishings of any kind, electronics, construction trash, mattresses, paint, toxic chemicals, and large items cannot be disposed of in the dumpsters.  Ray’s trash will not take those items.  Additionally, all boxes, most especially moving and larger boxes, must be broken down.

When and how do I pay my Association dues?

Answer:  Your Association dues are payable by the 10th of each month or you will be assessed a $35.00 late fee.  If you have not received monthly coupons, please call KMC to request coupons for mailing your monthly dues.  There are three options for paying your monthly dues:

  • Pay through the KMC website; you will need the account number on your coupon to use the online feature.
  • Schedule monthly payments directly through your bank.
  • Mail payment with your coupon to the address on the coupon.

Are there Rules & Regulations?

Answer:  Yes.   A few Rules that are noteworthy include:  materials for window coverings (all  must be white or have white backing),  one dog per unit, propane grills cannot be stored on or near patios throughout the property, (storage of propane tanks violates the Indiana State Fire Code), no alterations can be made to the interior vestibules in common area buildings, no alterations can be made to the common area, including lawns surrounding the patios, without prior approval and absolutely no remodel or reconstruction of a unit can be undertaken without approval from the Association’s Board of Directors.  This is required to insure plumbing, electrical and duct work in common areas is protected and that all contractors are properly insured.  Rules and Regulations, the Declaration and Pool Rules can be found on this website. 

Does Lions Head have committees or regular activities?

Answer:  Yes and we would love to have your involvement!  Committees include Social, Safety & Crime, Buildings & Grounds, Landscaping and Finance.  And, social events are scheduled nearly every other month and are great opportunities to meet your new neighbors! There is also a Book Club that meets monthly.  You will find dates for events in the Newsletters that you can access through the Owner’s Portal on the website.  If you are interested in joining a committee, please email secretary@lionsheadcondos.org.

May I use the Clubhouse?

Answer:  If you wish to have an event at the Clubhouse, i.e., family reunion, wedding reception, bridal shower, etc., you may reserve your date online through this website.  You are required to complete the Clubhouse Rental Agreement and submit the required payment before the date will be approved.  Please note that maximum occupancy is 49 persons per the Indianapolis Fire Marshal 2015 inspection.

May I take guests to the pool?

Answer:  Yes.  Guests are limited to 4 people per unit and you must be present on the property or at the pool for your guests to use the pool.  If you wish to take a picnic, there are picnic tables in front of the clubhouse and tables on the back patio behind the clubhouse.  No food or glass is permitted in the pool area.  Pool Rules are available in the Owner’s Portal.

When are scheduled Board meetings?

Regularly scheduled board meetings are the second Thursday of every month at 6:30 p.m.  If you have questions or concerns, please attend the Homeowner’s Forum that begins at 6:00 before every scheduled Board meeting, which is a time for open dialogue with the Board and property manager.  Unit owners are welcome and encouraged to attend Board meetings, but there is no opportunity for dialogue with the Board during the meeting.  The Board may also convene Executive Sessions to discuss privileged matters which are closed to the unit owners.

Move-In Checklist

  • Contact Kirkpatrick Management Company for the following information:
    • Account Number
    • Coupons for payment of dues
    • Four-digit gate code
    • Key fob for gate
    • Three digit gate code for visitors
    • Assigned parking space number
  • Submit a Request for Change form to KMC prior to any work being performed on your new unit.
  • Complete and submit the Resident/Directory form for inclusion in the directory and on-file emergency contact information
  • If there are outstanding service commitments by Lions Head Condominium Association for repairs to your unit as set forth in your Purchase Agreement (clarify with your realtor), submit a service request to KMC so that all repairs are entered into the system and can be tracked through to completion.
  • Register on this website as an owner.  For password credentials to begin the registration process, please email secretary@lionsheadcondos.org.


Contact Information

Dan Quigley, Property Manager
Kirkpatrick Management Company, Inc
5702 Kirkpatrick Way, Indianapolis, IN 46220
DL: (317)570-4358  TF: (800) 899-6652

Board President, Tom Mills:  president@lionsheadcondos.org

Treasurer, David Fitterling:  treasurer@lionsheadcondos.org

Secretary, Shawn Longerich:  secretary@lionsheadcondos.org

Director, Bennett Bensman:  director1@lionsheadcondos.org

Director, William Bluemle:  director2@lionsheadcondos.org